Ranjeet S. Mudholkar

Executive Coach with over 20+ Years of Experience in Leadership 

Ranjeet S Mudholkar

Principal Coach with over 20+ Years of Experience in Leadership 

About The Coach

The Next League Program is conceptualized by Ranjeet S Mudholkar, a recipient of an EB1A Green Card a.k.a. the “Einstein Visa” who is a Coach and has been an Educationist throughout his career.

Ranjeet S Mudholkar has over two decades of leadership experience in managing professional assignments, including serving as Director at 24 years at one of the leading Business Schools in the world – the Symbiosis Institute, being HR Head of an IT conglomerate, and being Vice Chairman & CEO of a leading Financial Institution for 18 years.

With over 500+ speaking engagements and authorship of over 1000+ articles, quotes, and research papers, Ranjeet is an established authority in Finance, Education, and Research. He is a public speaker at well-renowned national and international events, including events organized by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), and he has spoken on various topics across national and international events impacting attendees across 180 countries. He is featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Times, and CNBC as “Mr. Turnaround”, “Front Runner” and “Smart People”, by Times of India (Aug 2000, readership-7.5 Mn), Business India (Nov 2004, readership-338,000), and Business Standard (Oct 2004, readership-500,000) respectively.

Ranjeet holds Double Master’s Degrees in Finance and Global Management from Thunderbird School and Symbiosis, and he is an Hon. Doctorate in Economics, as well.

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The Next League Program

Today, I’m inviting you to benefit from my 20+ years of experience armed with my Hon. Doctorate in Economics and a double Masters/MBA to my credit to help you set yourself up for an extraordinary journey to success, achieve your most ambitious career and life goals, and be able to qualify for the EB1A Green Card offering an opportunity to move to the US, land your Dream Job without any Sponsor, Work Visa, 1MN$ investment or seeking any Lottery.


Ranjeet Mudholkar
+1 480 842 9290


Ranjeet S Mudholkar
+1 (480) – 842 – 9290

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